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Reserve of talents

Reserve of talents

With the goal of striving to be the leading dealer of the auto sales industry, Longhua has always been committed to level-headedness and hard work, solidarity and innovation, determination and perseverance, with a view to building on the previous achievements and moving towards excellence and perfection. To have our materialized, Longhua throws its arms wide open to talents of all principles who aim to maximize their values here. Welcome to Longhua!


We offer our staff:

1. Social Insurance (Endowment Insurance, Insurance for Medical Care, Maternity Insurance, Employment Injury Insurance and Unemployment Insurance) and Housing Found;

2. Regular working hours from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.;

3. Full weekend;

4. Paid annual leave;

5. Year-end bonus;

6. Chances to get paid traveling for all employees and oversea investigation trip for outstanding managers;

7. Free annual physical examination;

8. Vehicle subsidies for managers;

9. Scholarship for employees’ children;

10. Catering subsidies and other benefits.