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Longhua Presents Big Spring Promotion

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On April 14 and 15, Longhua presents to you the largest and most fantastic promotion at  Jinyuan Shopping Plaza(Junhao Square), Beibin Road, Jiangbei District, with models from Longhua Wohua Volvo, Longhua FAW-Toyota, Longhua FAW-Volkswagen (Eling Road 4S Shop and Road 4S Shop), Longhua Tianshi Honda, Chang'an Suzuki and Longhua Chang'an. Longhua has held fast to the notion that "Good faith lies at the heart of auto exhibit, while commitment speaks for us", and is determined to bring to the Chongqing customers the best-selling models, newest models, ultra-low price cars and converted cars with the most appealing discounts.


Gifts: Buy a car, get a ¥228 crystal bowl, and a ¥500 voucher for selected car accessories

Bargains: Get a bargain buying the limited cars available on site!

Fun: Have fun at the sec-kill for selected car accessories

Bonus: Get gifts for justing watching the auto exhibit. Limited plush dolls on site, first come, first served!

Group Purchase: Group purchasing available for new models, ultra-low price cars, best-selling models and low-stock models

Prize: Win the ¥3000 Panasonic air-conditioner at the lucky draw!

Saving money: Reimbursement for the travel expense of customers who buy a car (except for FAW-Volkswagen models). Customers from city proper who order cars on site can get full reimbursement with taxi invoice, customers outside the city proper can get a maximum reimbursement of ¥200 with their long-distance bus ticket. Saving time and trouble for you!


Longhua Wohua Volvo 4S Shop:                                                   

1. Ultra-low price for Volvo S40, available on site

2. Buy a Zhizun version of S80L, get a ¥20000-worth backseat entertainment package

3. Volvo XC60 T5 Comfort Version available on site

4. Buy Zhiya version of Volvo XC60 T5, get a ¥9800 factory-made front and back liner insert

5. Buy any of the Volvo S60 T5 series, get a ¥16000 factory-made front, back and side liner insert

6. Buy a luxury version of Volvo XC90, get a ¥16000 package of side pedals and navigation system.

7. Buy a Volvo C30, get free factory-made front and back liner insert

8. Two black Volvo S60 T6 (Zhizun version) are on sale at low price.

9. Newly-released Volvo V60 is available for order

 Longhua Tianshi Honda 4S Shop:

CR-V available on site. 

Buy a Civic, get a super gift package. 

Buy a Sprior, enjoy an interest-free mortgage.

Order CR-V, Civic or Sprior, get a medley of bonus:

Ø 1.¥299 Assistance Card, with which you can enjoy all-day all-year, first-rate and timely roadside assistance that include unlimited emergency assistance and towing service, in addition to 30 liters of No.93 gasoline (used in three times)

Ø 2. Extended warranty. You can get extended warranty with a maximum worth of ¥3500 which provides an additional car care for one year/30,000 km.

Ø 3. A free spring car journey (worth ¥800) for two from April 21 to 22 (we cover tickets of tourist attractions and accommodation)

Ø 4. Lucky draw: a chance to win ipad, car navigation, throw pillow, outdoor wear, frosted cup etc.

Ø 5. A Tianshi membership card, with which you can enjoy multiple bonuses including settling your annual vehicle inspection and toll charge without commission, points redemption etc.



Longhua FAW-Toyota 4S Shop:

In addition to the discount enjoyed at buying or ordering cars, you can get:

1. One of the following gifts: tablet PC, Intelligent Driver Information System(IDIS), digital camera, JBL Audio. Gifts are limited, first come, first served.

2. Female customers can get another 1000-plus gift, in addition to the above-mentioned ones

3. A chance to take part in the lucky draw on site


You can enjoy a discount of up to ¥40000 for designated models.

Three cars are available at ultra-low price each day!

Hotline for group purchasing: 13983677877


Longhua Zhongyou FAW-VOLKSWAGEN Eling Road 4S Shop &

Longhua Zhonghua FAW-VOLKSWAGEN Gaojiu Road 4S Shop

1. Buy a Jetta, enjoy an auto replacement subsidy of ¥6000

2.Buy a Bora 1.6L, enjoy an auto replacement subsidy of ¥3000 for manual transmission car , and ¥2000 for automatic transmission car

3. Buy a Magotan, enjoy an auto replacement subsidy of up to ¥8000

4. Buy a new Magotan, enjoy one of the four favorable payment plans :

Plan 08: Enjoy one-year interest-free loan or low interest rate (3.88%-8.88%) for loans over one year 

Plan 58: Pay half of the car price as down payment, and pay the rest in one year a monthly install payment of ¥288-688

Plan 18: (With China Construction Bank ) Pay in 18 interest-free, commission-free installments or in 36 interest-free low-commission installments; 

(With China Merchants Bank) Get an approval for your application in as fast as four hours. Pay in 12 interest-free, commission-free installments or in 24/36 interest-free low-commission installments

Plan 28: Replace any used cars for a Magotan, enjoy an auto replacement subsidy of ¥8000


Longhua Chang'an Suzuki/ Longhua Chang'an:

Multiple bonus for you at this big spring promotion!

Enjoy a maximum discount of ¥15000 if you buy one of the following models: Chang'an Suzuki Alto, Swift, Suzuki SX4, Suzuki Tianyu series. For details, please refer to staff members at the auto exhibit.

Chang'an 460: ¥37900 (Original price: ¥42400)

Chang'an 4500: ¥50600 (Original price: ¥52600)

Chang'an Jinniuxing: ¥48900 (Original price: ¥52900)

For other promotions, please refer to staff members at the auto exhibit.


Longhua Group reserves the right of final interpretation.