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Volvo drive

编辑:管理员发布时间:2014-6-17 10:52:23 

    Volvo models the entire department linkage test drive travel experience
Chongqing Longhua wohua uphold the Volvo "love life, enjoy life" concept, has long maintained for the owners to provide rich and colorful and cultural atmosphere of the owners care activities.

    This time we hold is Volvo models the entire department linkage experience, the dream of flying to fully enjoy nature's outdoor scenery. Experience the Volvo models the entire Department of safety and comfort.

    The morning of July 13th, to participate in the self driving activity Volvo owners to 4S hall on time. Longhua wohua except breakfast, mineral water and other customers, also prepared activities clothing and gifts for customers, and strive to make everyone feel good care. In the customer rest at the same time, the staff carefully for each Volvo car on a fine car stickers. Finally the market department manager notices generation activities briefly and stroke and reminder to participate in customer family in the hall. The team be fully equipped for eight o'clock. The way we service to allow owners feel the meticulous care and for participation in ZiJiaYou activities of the owners for the Volvo car knowledge quiz questions and love gifts.

    Came to the beautiful Tongliang home town. Away from the noise and exhaust pollution of the city, each family praised here high quality air and green and natural environment, com. makes Volvo the idea of environmental protection and the harmonious. Afternoon Volvo carry out many game all together. A XC60 field difficult security test drive experience, darts, turn the frisbee game, there are games of the laminated paper water bottle game and family barbecue buffet. All day, every family played awfully, let this seemingly dull weekend through a contented and happy, to forget memories. At night, we also specialized in Tongliang Dream Lake Resort Hotel for appreciation dinner. Dinner, we not only have a big dinner, and rich game, rich programs, rich award!

    The second day, free play Tongliang home town! This activity ended, thanks to the owners friends support for the Volvo brand and Chongqing Longhua wohua, because of you, our service will be better! Because of you, we Volvo's family will become more and more powerful!