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Hall World Cup theme

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The passion of the world cup for the king.


    In June 13, 2014, the 2014 Brazil World Cup Kick-off passion. The world cup, the German team were high hopes, become favourites to win the team they unanimously elected. Deliver the goods of the German tanks is lofty, have flattened Brazil, France,Portugal and other previous champions. A road stride forward singing militant songslike, initiates to champion sprint.


    As Germany's iconic brands: mass Audi, is like the world cup owners who indulge in elaborating on. This month Audi various sports events is also Triumphant news.Beijing: the time in late June 15th 9 (3 points, 15 pm local time), 2014 24 hours of Le Mans ended in the Le Mans circuit in Lhasa. After the ups and downs of the 24 hours of fighting, 2, R18 e-tron Quattro Audi racing with a total ring 379 ring number for theAudi won thirteenth trophies, 1 Audi R18 e-tron Quattro racing followed runner up.Nearly 300000 spectators and millions of television viewers witnessed Audi team 5 consecutive Le Mans victories. High tech Audi again with the team performance and racing conquered Le Mans, become fully deserve the "Le Mans king".

    The team has good grades, cannot do without the development and upgrading the engine core technology, the core technology more let consumers enjoy, has beenAudi people diligently pursue: in June 16th, after nightfall, Beijing Audi Golden Port Auto Park changed his silence. Nearly 1000 from around the Audi fans, Audi invited guests and media friends gather here, to participate in the FAW - Volkswagen Audi"organized by the Audi Sport Night and Audi RS 7 Launch Ceremony" activity.Subsequent Audi RS models night track speed ride experience and live coverage ofthe world cup in Germany's V.S. Portugal game again for manufacturing a new wave of high tide. In June 20th, FAW - Volkswagen Audi announced Audi A4L 2015 officially listed. The biggest change Audi A4L 2015 is 2 TFSI engine upgrade all of the third generation EA888 engine is more superior performance. At the same time, also increased the number of utility equipment as the main vehicle sales, and provideBofote oak trim originally higher-level models can enjoy, fully meet the needs of the depth of users.

    Dragon company in order to make the Audi fans closer to experience the movementAudi blood and technology of gene, the exhibition activities to break the conventionalpreferential information release form, specially arranged to the German team, to experience the carnival Audi technology. The elements of football bursting, world cupatmosphere thick, more table football and other interactive games to the scene of theAudi fans enjoy the taste of. Dragon company finally will also make arrangements forthe old and new owners in July 14th 3 a.m. at the Kempinski Hotel German beerbrewery bars witnessed the German team won the world cup in the passion of the moment. Let the passion of sport Audi abound in all long Ao owner heart present, until dawn.