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FAW Volkswagen car

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FAW - Volkswagen car transparent and fair to create peace of mind

FAW - Volkswagen "brand certified used car" is to uphold the German Volkswagen global change car brand Das WeltAuto transparent, assurance, honesty, reliable brand purpose, inherit the second-hand car service and certification of German Volkswagen Das WeltAuto provides standard for customers in 30 countries around the world concept, in new car sales and service standards in the development the brand second-hand car business throughout the country, is designed to meet the needs of potential customers and owners for the purchase of second-hand car and permutation FAW - Volkswagen brand new car demand, to provide customers with value-added services.
At present, the traditional second-hand car trading market service, technology is not in place and other defects, to create special "assurance", "trust", "reliable", "transparent" service system, to rely on Accreditation FAW - Volkswagen brand and standardization, help the replacement and buying and selling second-hand car needs the user convenient, reliable the completion of the transaction.
To ensure fair -- trading platform
The FAW - populace all inside the exhibition hall of second-hand car have to go through 133 international standard strict test verification, filing one by one, too, to ensure security and illegal vehicles completely shut sb. In addition, the national coverage of the FAW - Volkswagen brand second-hand car dealer system, ensure that the user purchase a car is convenient; professional assessment division, professional sales consultant, quasi also renovation, repair technicians undergo a rigorous standards of training, to ensure that the belt to the professional service to the users.
Trust -- quality guaranteed
In order to give the user the long peace of mind, each of the second-hand car repair records will be fully present history, for the user to review the balance, fairness and transparency, to prevent fraud, to ensure that the quality of protection. FAW - Volkswagen authority of second-hand car prices evaluation system, determine the real prices; in addition, a high standard of MPC multi-point testing and certification program, through the certification of the second-hand car, will be accompanied by quality certification, to ensure that the second-hand vehicle quality and security.
Reliable quality -- a rigorous testing
The FAW - populace through testing technicians, strict training standard and perfect detection process, professional to provide testing tools, test results for the user to ensure the objective and fair, second-hand car quality is good; in addition, the FAW - populace also provides any brand of car replacement car service, used car replacement car in one step; 12 months or travel 25000 Km value type of warranty service, the main parts of the car are in the warranty scope, and thoughtful service, improve customer service guarantee national security to ensure that the user of the FAW - Volkswagen car recognition and trust.
Transparent -- clearly all the details
In order to relieve the user concerns, FAW - Volkswagen will second-hand car inside and outside one one presented for the user, provide test results for all sites, to allow consumers to the quality of second-hand car known as the heart; unreservedly let consumers know the entire transaction process, including price, and service in all the details; after the completion of the transaction, the FAW - Volkswagen also provide accrual second-hand car trading clear contract; all the details clear transparent, all consumers completely dispel doubts.
Chongqing Longhua industrial group and China auto sales Services Limited, as the FAW - Volkswagen Authorized second-hand car company, adhering to the "assurance" "trust", "reliable", "transparent" service system, the FAW - populace quality certification of second-hand car service more standard and more transparent, will provide consumers car life escort, for the second-hand car consumers long peace of mind.
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